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What is a Pom-Mallow Blaster?

Marshmallow gun

Mouth piece


Pominator and Pom-Boss

Pom-Mallow blasters are an exciting new toy designed for kids and adults ages 3 to 103 and beyond! 

Designed with the Marshmallow guns of yesteryear in mind, Pom-Mallow Blasters have evolved to make play time more fun with less sticky mess.

These amazing blasters launch pom-poms up to 30 feet in the air. They will also launch Marshmallows if that is your ammo of choice.

Upgrade your Pom-Mallow Blaster with our one of a kind accessories!  We offer functional two-in-one flashlight/laser lights, pom-pom filled clips, and pouches of 50 pom-poms.  All in your color of choice!

How To Use

To use any Pom-Mallow blaster, simply place a pom-pom or Marshmallow in the mouth piece, take a breath, and blow through the mouth piece.  Watch your pom-pom fly through the barrel!

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